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“This, I should have known, is the way adventures work. Sure, you can plan and scheme and try to make things turn out the way you want them to, but the best adventures often unfold at times and in places that you don’t expect. You carefully plan and conspire to court the girl of your dreams, then painfully learn that that dream is a nightmare. But when you reluctantly agree to meet your roommate’s girlfriend’s college friend—even though you’re afraid that she’s pretty and nice too probably means she is neither—you fall in love and spend the rest of your life with that girl. Sometimes you just need to show up.”

From the essay
“The Last Saturday in April”

Beginning with a quest to explore the rugged backwoods environs were John Voelker found an abundance of wild trout and a dearth of crowds, I’m proud to share my love of family, friends, wild trout and bamboo rods in this collection of essays and yarns set in Michigan’s wild Upper Peninsula. With a tinge of self-deprecating humor and wit, I’ll show how fishing can help you grow older without growing up, and scattered throughout these stories are some lessons that just might make you a better fisherman which, in turn, might help you catch the biggest brook trout of your life . . . twice.

Preface from The Habits of Trout

Praise for The Habits of Trout