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    "Doubtless the biggest reason why fishermen make such gay and charming companions, such stimulating fellows to have about, is their bubbling willingness to talk about anything under the sun -- so long as it concerns fishing. With themselves in a stellar role. And when they aren't fishing or running on about fishing they prefer to read or look at pictures about fishing. Between seasons some of them even write books about their passion."

    John Voelker
    Anatomy of a Fisherman

    On these pages I'll tell tales and share knowledge about two of my most maddening passions: photography and fishing. The tales are largely based by my adventures throughout the abundant territory of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and most of those adventures are inspired by a small-town attorney who taught me that "so many of the other concerns of men are equally unimportant -- and not nearly so much fun."

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Photos: Frenchman’s Pond

“Frenchman’s Pond is by all odds the most fascinating and frustrating trout water I have ever fished — and I’ve been angling like crazy since before I could spell it.” John Voelker Trout Magic   Share

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[…] Adam and his good friend James Deloria at the place Adam’s grandfather cunningly called Frenchman’s Pond. The real name of the pond is not much of a secret nowadays, but I won’t reveal it. I just […]

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Sleepy Hollow used to do a caramel corn that I loved so much that I always came home with a couple of buckets of it. I wonder if the caramel corn is the same as that? I’ve never had the caramel corn in Epcot since its been a few years since our last visit.

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Because the Arab world had formed the belief that terrorism could bring down the west… Now we know that Wall St is bringing down the West. No chance of American boys and girls going from house to house in the Hamptons

Quote of the Day

Fishing, I should have explained, teaches us to perform small acts with care.  It humbles us.  It enriches our friendships.  It cultivates reverence for wild things and beautiful places.  It reminds us that time needs occasionally to be squandered. Jerry Dennis The River Home Share

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I got board of my paper planes getting crushed so my dad helped me build a basic plane from balsa wood! I still have it, we even accounted for a slight pull to the left it has by attaching a weight. Brings back fond memories! Thanks for the give away!

ha, watched Stardust AGAIN, last night. Love Nanny McPhee and Coraline and Stormbreaker. Would also have to add to the list: the Spiderwick Chronicles (I suspect a lot has to do with Freddy Highmore being so cute and who could not love Hogsqueal and Thimbletack!) and Matilda, Billy Elliot, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (though it took a while to get used to the Johnny Depp version) and Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

The Last Saturday in April

On the 29th day of April in 2011, over two billion people — one third of the world’s population — watched Catherine Middleton marry the Duke of Cambridge. Among the uncaring four billion, though, I spent the day counting the hours to the opening of Michigan’s 2011 trout season. For the two-hundred eleven days since […]

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Atlantis Found » Madness and MagicJuly 20, 2011 - 12:03 am

[…] my first excursion to Camp Alice on the opening day of Michigan’s trout season. Though cables and snow thwarted my journey, I swore with the confidence and commitment of General MacArthur at Adelaide that  ”I came […]

The Inspirations: John Voelker and Robert Kelley

Using the pen name Robert Traver, John Voelker wrote eleven books inspired by his life and work in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. His fourth book, Anatomy of a Murder, was a best-selling novel whose film adaptation received seven Academy Award nominations.   His two collections of essays on trout fishing in the Upper Peninsula — Trout […]

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[…] task, I devoted my attention to a lesser known — but equally ellusive — lost Utopia: John Voelker’s Camp […]

The Inspirations: Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams may be the most widely-known artist in the history of photography, but, in addition to the notariety he received for his black-and-white photographs of the American West, Adams had a unique understanding of the physical and technical details of his craft. According to biographer William Turnage, Adams’s technical mastery was the stuff of […]

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