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Everything’s Amazing and These Guys Are Happy

Everything is amazing right now and nobody’s happy. Louis C.K. The modern marvel of flight transports us from New York to San Francisco in under six hours, but—as Louis C.K. observed in his brilliant comedic rant—a twenty minute delay on the airport apron is an occurrence we remember for its extraordinary cruelty. Humankind’s spectacular escape from the Malthusian trap has […]

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Why I Let Them Go

When someone asks why I release nearly every fish I catch, I have a friend who says “Tim likes to play with his food.” I didn’t always do it this way. Much like Howell Raines, I was schooled in the Redneck Way. Sure, fishing was fun, but a bucket full of bluegills proved that I […]

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Fishing with a Worm

Bliss Perry was a pioneer in the teaching of American literature. He taught at Williams, Princeton and Harvard, and edited the works of Ralph Waldo Emerson, among others. But I wouldn’t know anything about Professor Perry if he hadn’t written a book called Fishing with a Worm. His short book—published in 1916—begins with an indictment […]

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