Michael Delp
The Mad Angler Poems
Deep Wood Press


You pray for a second coming, the sky to open
for people to be carried off, raptured.
I pray each morning for whole counties to vanish,
the boardrooms of big water and big oil to warp out of existence,
cities to suddenly evaporate,
forests to come back and parking lots to suddenly
turn to fields,
subdivisions gone back to the wetlands and swamps,
returned to the swales they once were.
I pray for the engines of fracking to suddenly breakdown,
their lines filled with sand and the sludge of money,
but the deepest prayer seeks more rivers,
more flow,
hydrology as a new religion,
the study of glacial till as sacred as the Bible.
I ask for the small gods of each river to band together,
find the secret map to where the one God
has his hands on the floodgate,
his fingers itching to do some new miracles.





Michael Delp is a writer of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction whose works have appeared in numerous national publications. He is the author of the following five books from Wayne State University Press – Over the Graves of Horses (1989), Under the Influence of Water (1992), The Coast of Nowhere (1997), The Last Good Water (2003), and As If We Were Prey (2010) in addition to six chapbooks of poetry and being the co-editor of the Made In Michigan book series from Wayne State University Press. He taught creative writing at the Interlochen Arts Academy, has twice been the winner of the Passages North/NEH Poetry Competition, and has won a PEN Syndicated Fiction Award.


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