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A Fish Called Dave

Non semper ea sunt, quae videntur; decipit Frons prima multos. Phaedrus Book IV, Fable II “Have you named it yet? I’d be honored if you’d name it Dave because I feel like I know it now, too.” Dave from Sweetgrass was alluding to a brown trout whose allure was swiftly eroding my already meager capacity […]

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Voelker’s Nijinsky

“It sounds like you’re sunk. Does your wife understand that this isn’t just a bamboo rod, it’s the first bamboo rod?” The pronouncement and query came from a man who—while conceding that plenty of people had more skill with and knowledge about bamboo rods—once wrote that “no one loves them more” than he. I had […]

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The Greenhorn

I had just threaded my line through the guides, attached a fly to my tippet, and was ready to cast when the uninvited fisherman emerged from the curtain of alders near the river’s bend. In a rushed act of desperate deceit, I hooked the fly to one of the rod’s guides, tightened the line around […]

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