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Anatomy of a Weekend

Cast of Characters ADAM, John Voelker’s quick-witted grandson TIM, the bumbling photographer and flailing fisherman BROOK TROUT, the foolish and unwary native Scene One: The Internet Prologue (Email exchange, day one.) ADAM Tim, I’m thinking of coming up to camp for this weekend. If you are free why don’t you come down and we can […]

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The Last Day

As the sun sank behind the large maple at the end of our driveway, the Last Day morphed into the Last Night and I sorted through the last of the photos. Now I was trying to tell the story. . . . What could I do, that’s never been done before? What can I say, […]

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Monsters in July

I can scarcely remember how I came to this place. When I was young the water flowed all around me. The swift current swept bugs and small minnows through predictable paths, and I ate recklessly. When the small bugs tried to fly, I jumped through the air and caught them in my mouth. But I […]

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