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The Digital Camera: The Spherical Lens (Part I)

We recently examined the way a spherical glass surface focusses light; however, this focussing property is not unique for light that travels from air into glass. Instead, this phenomenon occurs anytime light travels between two surroundings separated by a spherical boundary. For light that originates from a point source, the general equation that specifies the relationship […]

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I have a few new posts ready to go, but I’ve been spending my time lately trying to learn how to stop the onslaught of spam comments I’ve been receiving on the blog. If you have advice, I’d appreciate any help on this. (I use wordpress to manage this blog.) I have wordpress configured to […]

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“They’ve never really been there”

It would be ironic — and a hideous thought to contemplate — if this little book should help bring about the discovery of the “forgotten” Upper Peninsula. Yet I take comfort when I reflect that the people who might find and deflower my native heath rarely hold still long enough to read books.  . . […]

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