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I’m pleased to announce that my first book, The Habits of Trout, is available in both print and ebook formats.

Praise for The Habits of Trout

Jerry Dennis

Jerry Dennis

Author of A Place on the Water and The River Home

“Tim Schulz is an excellent angler, a fine man, and he’s put together a delightful collection of essays and yarns. They’re clear-headed, big-hearted, witty, smart, honest, and good-natured—all the qualities I admire most in writings about fishing.”

Jerry Kustich

Jerry Kustich

Author of Around the Next Bend, A Wisp in the Wind, and At the River’s Edge

“When tradition, friendship, family and fly-fishing all flow together, the result can be many memories that last a lifetime. In The Habits of Trout Tim Schulz’s stories and essays capture the very essence of his fly-fishing remembrances with words that touch the heart and inspire the soul. Schulz’s well-written pieces offer a glimpse into a northern Michigan way of life—a lifestyle very much worth sharing.”

James McCullough

James McCullough

Author of Voelker’s Pond and Meditations on the Fly

“Tim Schulz dedicates his energies to rivers and trout in a manner beyond addiction, and his first collection of stories epitomizes the light-hearted devotion with which he explores the habitats of trout and the lore of Michigan’s wild Upper Peninsula.”

Bob White

Bob White


“You know a book is good when you decide to read just a chapter or two, and then find yourself lost in its depths. You know it’s really good when, while you’re reading it, you’re making mental notes about which of your fishing buddies needs a copy. Tim Schulz tells a fine story. The voice in his words is clear and bright, like a particularly good day on the water.”



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We're likely to remember this summer in part because of the great essays in Tim Schulz's engaging new book The Habits of Trout. This week we offer an excerpt from the book, a story called "It Looked Like He Knew What He Was Doing." The subject of the story is an expert pilot and college professor who nonetheless lacks the discipline and practice to be an accomplished trout angler. Which is a recipe for failure. Or is it?



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There is, or so I’ve been told, no need for books like this particular volume of beautifully written, nostalgia-tinged stories. The days of whimsical and humorous fly fishing yarns supposedly ended with the passing of fax machines and VCRs. Fortunately, though, no one bothered to tell Tim Schulz, who has penned a wonderful little book filled with wry observations, a gentle wit and a deep & abiding love for trout fishing in general and John Voelker’s storied Michigan countryside in particular.

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